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Air Conditioning Cleaning, Protectair is Australia's leading and only Award Winning specialised split system air conditioning cleaning company. Protectair is the name you can trust when it comes to protecting the air that you, family members, friends and staff breathe.

If you choose Protectair to clean your air conditioners you will breathe easy knowing that the job will be done properly by an Australian Refrigeration Council licensed technician and every Protectair service is covered by a national 12 month guarantee, now that's a breath of fresh air. 12 Month Gurantee

Do you need Protectair?

  • Q. Does your air conditioner smell?
  • Q. Does your air conditioner have visible contaminants such as dirt or mould?
  • Q. Do you get itchy eyes, blocked nose or sneeze when it's running?
  • Q. Do you suffer from asthma or allergies?
  • Q. Is you air conditioner not as cold as it used to be?
  • Q. Would you like to reduce your air conditioning running costs?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions than chances are you will benefit immensely from a professional Protectair air conditioning cleaning service.
  • ››› But we clean our filters regularly I hear you say!     read more
    Regular cleaning of filters helps the efficiency of an air conditioner but it does not address the problem of mould and bacterial contamination deep within evaporator coils and scroll fans. Only a qualified technician has the necessary training to properly dismantle, clean and treat your air conditioner.
  • ››› But you also spray your AC with a well known disinfectant spray    read more
    Domestically available disinfectant sprays have a topical short term effect and no proven lasting benefit on air conditioning coils. Evaporator coils are subject to moisture and temperature extremes and unless the source of the contamination is removed professionally and treated with a specific commercial treatment your problems will not go away.
  • ››› Still not sure ?    read more
    If you are still thinking of tackling this job then you also need to know that air conditioning evaporators are delicate and complex pieces of machinery. Evaporators are easily damaged when being dismantled by inexperienced persons which not only voids any warranty but leads to expensive repairs usually in the hundreds.

How much does a service cost?

Basic clean
From $69
12 month Guarantee
From $99

Complete domestic low pressure clean and sanitize backed by the Protectair 12 month guarantee takes around 1 Hour to complete, with a basic clean and sanitise starting from $69.

Why choose Protectair?

Protectair guarantees treated air conditioners will be free of mould and bacterial contamination for a period of 12 months from treatment date.

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Indoor Air quality

Read what Kerryn Phelps former president of the Australian Medical Association said about contaminated Air Conditioners.

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Indoor Air quality

Award Winning Company, Excellence in trade services.

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